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Hi, I’m Desmond. I’m an Independent Video Game Developer currently residing in Malaysia.

Contact me at: desmond@desmondchieng.com, Facebook and Twitter


About Desmond

I’m born & raised in Malaysia, I spent most of my lifetime living here in Malaysia but I have also been living in other countries like Singapore & Australia for the past few years. I completed an undergraduate Business Management Degree from University of Tasmania (Australia), with a double major in Marketing and Human Resource Management.

I used to work in the commercial recruitment industry as a Professional Recruitment Consultant. It was an interesting job as it gave me the opportunity to meet with folks from all kinds of backgrounds where I spent a lot of time listening to people talking about their working experiences and helped sourced job-seeking candidates for various corporate companies in different industries.

Independent Video Game Developer

While my work as a recruitment consultant was interesting, I felt that it wasn’t something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So now I’m involving myself with something that I’m really interested in – and that’s about making games.

I think I was 4 or 5 years old when I started playing video games on Sega’s 16-bit MegaDrive and was fascinated by the good ol’ retro games. Back then, even a simple button press on the game controller, blasting away an enemy grunt, made me felt really good and those early gaming experiences gave me the inspirations to make my own games (though for a lot of reasons I only started making games after I graduated from University).

I started out developing smaller commercial games for mobile and until recently I have been working with other game developers on games for other platforms. Here are some games which I’m involved with:


desmond chieng travel photo collection

Travel/ Street photography

When I’m not working, I like to do street photography and when I travel I try to take as much photos as possible to keep track of the things that I do & places which I have visited. You can check out the photos from my trips to Japan, Singapore & London at my TRAVEL posts category.

Other than that, I have been attending various ACG (Anime,Comic,Games) events over the years. You can check out my event coverage photos from the ACG Events posts category.

My current photography gear list:


desmondchieng travel photo


I like to spend my free time to blog & share my passions and interests with others, which include Japanese culture, games, traveling and anime-related topics. I remember that I used to blog a lot on Gundam (a Japanese mecha anime series) before I went into video game development – I can write up to 3-5 blog posts per day back then ^^;

These days my work involves game development so I’m required to keep in the loop by spending time playing video games & studying aspects of game design/development. Because of that I haven’t been really been blogging much lately – will try my best to find more time to write more ^^;


ein lee yuuna feature

Mascot Character – Yuuna Tsukikawa

I do have a mascot character for my site and her name is Yuuna Tsukikawa. At the moment, she does nothing more than being the mascot of my site but I do have plans to put her into some of my video games creation. More exciting stuff coming soon.

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