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AFA Singapore 2013

AFA Singapore 2013

Just came back from Singapore after attending Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Singapore 2013. The event was just incredible with all the awesome events, anime & manga goodies, not to mention all the great people whom I’ve met during the event. I will send emails to follow up with those who have exchanged name cards with me – It was nice to meet you all ^^

Anyway, this year’s AFA exhibition hall was also fully-packed with people, especially on Saturday – I was squashed like sardines ><

Here is a collection of photos which I took from all 3 days of AFA Singapore. I think there’s around 200 photos here – get ready yourself a cup of coffee/tea while waiting for these photos to load & browse it all through:

20131108_134041  20131108_134316

This huge mecha statue from Valvrave the Liberator series greets you at the entrance of the hall. Looks well-made.

20131108_134420 20131108_134430 20131109_151506 20131108_134328 20131108_134337 20131108_134342


20131108_134358 20131108_134207 20131108_134243 20131110_124427

Was handed this Tamashii Nations name card by a staff. Nice & simple card design.

20131108_134639 20131108_135015 20131108_134943

Bandai’s All HG Gundam model kits.

20131108_134922(0) 20131108_134854

HG Bearrguy is just too cute! ><


Bandai has a huge booth again this year selling all the gunpla kits.


Gunpla Heaven = More holes in my wallet ^^;






All the coolsome MG kits from Bandai. Which one is on your want list?


And here’s the new MG 1/100 Sazabi ver KA kit. Have seen this kit many times on the internet but seeing this with my own eyes really makes my jaw dropped- yes this kit is just that awesome-looking.



20131108_152954 20131108_152941 20131108_152929 20131108_152901   20131108_135040

Some kits from Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt on display here – how many of you are following the manga series?

20131108_135059 20131108_135109 20131108_135115 20131108_135124 20131108_135141 20131108_135213 20131108_134715

All the RG kits! Would like to own every one of the kits here.

20131108_134737 20131108_134749 20131108_134744 20131108_134701 20131109_151312 20131109_151321 20131109_151255 20131109_151238 20131109_151213 20131109_151225

20131108_152759 20131108_152803 20131108_152826


All the figures from Good Smile Company.

20131108_135500 20131108_135507 20131108_135446 20131108_135453 20131108_135528 20131110_163354 20131110_162858 20131110_162502 20131109_153235 20131109_153156 20131109_130229



Folks doing live illustrations at the WACOM booth, which reminds me – I have just recently bought a Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch tablet for doing simple sketches, will probably do a review of that tablet soon.

20131108_155454 20131108_150640 20131108_140823 20131108_135545(0)

More cute 2D girls from School Idol Project.

20131110_164619 20131110_173302

Then someone tries to become an Idol ^^;


and here is the Maid & Butler Cafes – the queue was way too long so I didn’t enter.

20131108_141833 20131108_141458

While it was illegal to sell dangerous weapons on the streets of Singapore, it was to do so in AFA ^^;

20131108_140910 20131108_140917 20131108_145305  20131110_125633

Anyone interested in becoming a cat girl so consider these cat ears – it moves according to your mood & brainwaves.

20131110_125519 20131110_125511


Now this is interesting, this a company from Japan called Aoyama 3D Salon which specialize in making people into small figures. The staff will first scan your body with a portable scanner and you’ll see a 3D model of yourself in a monitor instantly. With that 3D data they can make you into figures. Very interesting stuff.


20131108_141006(0) 20131108_140956 20131108_141211

Daisuki, an anime streaming site has a booth too- any of you follows Kill La kill?

20131108_140308 20131108_140145 20131108_140355

Microsoft and Collateral Damage Studios has announced the mascot character Inori Aizawa for Internet Explorer. My friend Danny Choo says that it’s time to “upgrade” our internet browser ^^;

20131108_141111 20131108_141806


Folks playing sonic the hedgehog game on the PS3. I used to play Sonic the Hedgehog  on my very first video game machine – Sega’s 16 bit Megadrive.



An Idol group from Japan appears on the AFA mini stage so you’ll see tons of folks gathered around to flash their cameras.



Apparently my friend Danny Choo (Right, white shirt) is in the crowd taking photos too.


Speaking of Danny Choo, here is his Culture Japan booth where he would be selling tons of his merchandises.

20131108_135841 20131108_135849 20131108_135857


Here are the Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll. According to Danny, he told me that these dolls would be available for sell starting next February and they do accept online orders as well. I guess many would get started into adopting a daughter when this goes on sale, looks cute!

20131108_135908 20131109_144448 20131109_143935  20131108_135922 20131109_144138

Danny is busy all day hosting stage events, taking photos, signing stuffs & meeting up with fans.

20131108_151928 20131108_152034 20131108_160623

My photo with Danny Choo. It feels awesome to meet and talk to people like him, turning your passions into a successful career is certainly not an easy task so I do respect him for that.


Very nice Mirai Suenaga Solar Marine cosplay by Angela.

20131109_143520 20131109_142737 20131110_170721

And there’s our Malaysia Shoe Designer Dato Jimmy Choo, also the father of Danny Choo.


20131108_141655 20131108_145718 20131110_141400 20131110_141353(0) 20131110_141339 20131110_141333 20131110_141310 20131110_141256


I think is was Saturday when Clive Lee made an appearance on the AFA mini stage for a short meet & greet session.

20131109_134633 20131109_134628(0) 20131109_135413 20131109_135445 20131109_135426 20131109_135007 20131109_140209 20131109_140315

As a Gundam Fan, I’m glad that I took the opportunity to have a photo with this Banshee Gundam cosplay. Great Job to Clive Lee for making this awesome cosplay! :)


Gundam VS Titan!

20131109_141252 20131109_142010

Sonic the Hedgehog seems troubled to meet Gundam ^^;

20131108_143100 20131108_143116

Great stuffs for any fujoshi out there ^^


and here’s a hand-made resin statue made by Hairy As Hell.

20131108_143225 20131108_143509

Delicious-looking illustrations from Castanet Doujin – a doujin group which consists of Xeph, Kaho and also Peach who did the illustration for my mascot character Yuuna Tsukikawa!

20131108_143332 20131108_143702 20131108_143916 20131108_143943

Daiyaku, an illustration group from Singapore. I actually like the illustrations they did and I follows them on Facebook.

20131108_144007 20131108_144131 20131109_161941(0) 20131109_153505 20131109_162754 20131109_162746 20131109_123129

Here are more cosplay photos from the event – I did not even recognize more than half of the cosplays, I think I need to watch more anime & manga ^^;

20131109_123154 20131109_123820 20131109_162555 20131109_163246 20131109_163322 20131109_163412 20131109_182907 20131109_182644(0) 20131109_185154 20131109_185012 20131110_123722 20131110_134408 20131110_140903 20131110_173816 20131110_174708 20131110_175130 20131110_175358 20131110_175709 20131110_175857 20131110_175957 20131110_180536(0) 20131110_180206 20131110_180013 20131110_174155 20131110_174410 20131110_180801 20131110_180857



I guess that’s all the photos I’ve taken at AFA Singapore 2013. Had a great time there and I look forward to the next AFA!

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