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AFA Singapore 2014 Still The Greatest Anime Event in Singapore

pyscho pass 2 AFA sg 2014

Had a great time at the recent Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Singapore 2014 – this year’s AFA is a blast with an incredible amount of turnout, booths, guests, cosplays, games and anime content.

afa anime festival sia singapore namecards

The best part of attending such event is getting to meet all kinds of talented folks from the ACG (Anime, Comics, Games) industry. I’m always looking forward to meet up with new folks and just can’t wait to see what kinds of collaborations we can come with up.

Have been talking to a few comrades and most of them noticed that I have been slowing down on blogging these days ^^; and that’s because my priority now is more about collaborating with other game developers to work on video games for all platforms (PS4, XboxOne, Wii U, PS Vita, PC, Mac etc.). Feel free to read about the things I do over here at my profile page.

Anyways, I’m posting up a collection of photos which I’ve taken over 3 days at AFA – most of it taken at Day 1 with a few from Day 2 & Day 3.



I realised that this year’s AFA has a much bigger exhibition hall as compared to the previous years and yet the venue is still packed with such a large crowd – what an incredible turnout.


Popping over at my friend Danny Choo‘s Culture Japan booth. They have smaller booth this year – Nevertheless it’s still packed with great Culture Japan merchandises.


These are Smartdolls – it’s a 60cm tall articulated fashion doll designed by Danny Choo and manufactured in Japan by Culture Japan.


I am not really a doll-person but I do have to say that these dolls looks very cute indeed.



Smartdoll Mirai Suenaga on the left and Smartdoll Kizuna Yumeno on the right – both of them looks cute!


These tiger clothings looks great on smartdolls and the quality of fabric seems superb.


The man Danny Choo posing besides his lovely smartdolls.


Other than smartdolls, Culture Japan produces their own line of apparels and posters – I do like the new clean designs of the posters.



The price of owning a Smartdoll is not cheap by the way ><



Apparently Smartdoll requires lots of gentle care – especially for the hair.




whitehairloli.jpg is justice.

DSC04346   DSC04601

Simply love their pose for the camera.


Some smartdoll owners brought along their dolls for a photoshoot at the culture japan booth. It’s amazing to see how many folks here in Singapore are into collecting dolls.



Smartdoll Kizuna kidnapped by hentai faceless cameraman ^^;


Collaboration between Square Enix and Culture Japan – where the mascots get featured in a mobile card game Million Arthur.

I remember spending a lot of time downloading the game onto my smartphone and spend a few minutes playing through the game – and then ended up deleting the game within a few mintues, I guess this is just not the type of game for me ^^;

DSC04384   DSC04361

Moving over to the Bandai booth – I remember that used to write a lot about Gundam on my site here where I could write 3 – 5 posts per day. For now it’s just not possible to do so as game development is on the top of my priority list.


However I’m still following news on gundam from time to time and I know that lots of folks are looking forward to this Perfect Grade Gundam Unicorn.


Some shots of the PG Gundam Unicorn on display there.


Taking a close look at the PG Gundam Unicorn – looks absolutely awesome.


Ah the Real Grade Gundam Gp01. The last gunpla which I’ve built is the RG Gundam MKII – I do love the articulation and details of parts of the Real Grade line.


Looking forward to watch Gundam The Origin next year. On the other hand, I still trying to find time to catch up with the current Build Fighters series ^^;


Have been following Gundam Reconguista in G – I actually fell asleep once while I was watching one of the episode ^^;

DSC04372   DSC04488

All the MG RX-78-2 Gundam in all sorts of color scheme.

DSC04373   DSC04375

Tamashii Nations booth – the last product I bought from them is the Full Cloth Crossbone Gundam X1 and it’s now sitting on my PS4 with a broken beam saber parts ^^;

DSC04378   DSC04380   DSC04827   DSC04585   DSC04387

Folks dishing out their drawing skills at the Creator’s station. While I can do some sketching and coloring digitally, drawing with pen and paper is something that I’m not familiar with. I used to take art classes when I was a kid but I never really liked drawing on pen & paper ^^;

DSC04391   DSC04429   DSC04430

Sony’s Playstation finally has a presence at AFA Singapore this year with a booth to showcase some games on their platforms. Hopefully soon enough you’ll see games which I’m involved in to be feature by these gaming booth at future events.


Gotta love that Monster slime USB cover :)

DSC04434   DSC04437

I remember I played and did a review of the first Gundam Breaker game a while back. So I’ve tried out the second game and it isn’t really that different from the first one – just build your gunpla and beat the crap out of your opponent.


Folks having quality time with retro games like Metal Slug and King of Fighters – so nostalgic.


Almost forgot to mention that the entire ceiling of the AFA hall is a HUGE monitor @.@


Photo taken at the AnimeJapan booth. Anime Japan is a huge annual anime event held at Tokyo Big sight, Japan starting last year. You can check out my trip to AnimeJapan 2014 to see what it’s like.


All the guys (& some girls) gathering around to play the Love Live! School Festival game.


More cute 2D idols up on display here.


AFA Shop featuring Seika – the official mascot of AFA! Whenever I hear people saying her name, it reminds me of the Japanese video game company SEGA ^^;

DSC04397   DSC04420

Psycho Pass Season 2 is one of the very few anime series which I’m following at the moment. Great anime with a deep plot.


Cool weapon (Dominator) from Pyshco Pass is up for preorder. Do want?

DSC04459   DSC04455   DSC04456   DSC04442   DSC04493   DSC04497   DSC04440   DSC04445

And that is a legit japanese emoticon face ><

DSC04707   DSC04677   DSC04561


Seiyuu-san (forgot his name) and Nissin man at the Death Note booth.

DSC04394   DSC04716

Heroes of Justice joining forces with Death God.


More Heroes up for photo poses.

DSC04706   DSC04570   DSC04584   DSC04580

2D vs 3D girls. I forgot the name of the character but I *think* she’s one of the new vocaloid characters.


All the guys lining up to play the Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax game. Saw the game on the PS Vita store but still unsure if I should get the game as the reviews are mixed.


Not sure how many of you have watched Attack on Titan but here’s a booth where folks could try out the Three Dimensional gear from the seires, looks cool.


Some folks doing a groupfie with Titan-san.


Moving onto the doujin booth section where you can see all the creative artworks from artist in the Asia region. Had a great time looking through their artworks and managed to spend a bit of quality time talking to these creators.


This is the Castanet booth with artist Peach. Peach is the artist who did the original artwork for my mascot Yuuna-chan. He’s currently studying Game design in Australia and we did spent some time talking about games development.

The thing about being a game developer is that sometimes it can be difficult to find somebody to talk about games development, especially if you’re an indie game developer ^^; I’ve talked to a few other game developers at this AFA event and it’s great to see that there are more people getting involved in games development in this region.


And here is a booth by Ein Lee. Ein Lee is a brilliant artist from Taiwan and she is the character designer for the animation series “RWBY”. I believe she also did some illustration work for the Japanese card game Shingeki no Bahamat (Rage of Bahamut) which has a on-going anime series.

She is also one of the illustrator who did an artwork of my mascot Yuuna-chan. Was glad to be able to meet up with her again.


Found some very interesting doujin artwork where artists from China turned trains into moe 2D girls. Really cute.

DSC04477   DSC04475   DSC04506   DSC04527

Some figures of girls from the Dragon’s Crown video game. Elf is the best waifu.

DSC04528   DSC04505   DSC04780

Now posting up some photos of cosplays at the venue.

DSC04786   DSC04701

I believe they are searching for someone ^^;

DSC04758   DSC04702   DSC04662   DSC04649

Doing a selfie with DSLR is a win!

DSC04638   DSC04608   DSC04621   DSC04617   DSC04639   DSC04652   DSC04667   DSC04657

I dropped my jaw when she took out her weapon for photo poses ^^;

DSC04699   DSC04772

Kantai Collection’s Rensouhou-san looks very cute and hilarious at the same time. Folks seem to have a great time taking photos with him ^^;

DSC04824   DSC04795   DSC04869   DSC04728   DSC04732   DSC04684

Congrats to cosplay Team Indonesia for winning the cosplay competition. Absolutely love their cosplay performance.

DSC04686   DSC04687

That’s all for now. I should be seeing some of you at Comic Fiesta later this month at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. See you guys there!

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