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Akihabara Photowalk Yet another trip in ElectricTown

Akihabara in spring 2015

Today we’ll look at some shops and items of interest found in Akihabara. These photos are taken during my trip to Japan earlier this year, I have these photos stored in my hard-disk for months and I just completely forgot about writing a blog post on it ^^;

And I know it’s really been a while since my last blog post – still busy from working on all the game development projects which I’m involved in ><

709 707

Yodobashi Camera, located at one of the exits from the JR Akihabara station. There are hundreds of electronic stores in Akihabara and this is the one gigantic store where you can find all the electronics gadgets.


711 717 720 792

I do recommend visiting Akihabara on a weekend afternoon as the roads would be blocked to vehicle traffic – thus allowing us pedestrians to freely roam the streets ^^


797 788 750

Inside the Trader shop – the Japanese wording “中古” in this picture here means second-hand. In Trader you can get these second-hand video game copies for really cheap.


751 753

While wandering around the shop I found a Dragon Quest Slime…



…which turns out to be a Playstation One controller XD




760 729 Akihabara Samurai

Folks planning to dressup as a modern-day samurai should consider getting these equipments ^^;

Visiting Melonbooks – the stairs are all covered up with anime posters.

Interesting how they decorated they elevators with huge 2D anime girl posters too.



Also found this in Melonbooks – the holy pantsu worshipping shrine?


802 804 813

More stairways covered with anime posters.

A wall of Gunpla found in the Softmap store. I used to build a lot of gunplas back in the days before I started running my own game development studio –  I still have some unopened gunpla boxes which are now collecting dust somewhere in my home ^^;

Some figurines of the characters from the Shinning series. I’m always liked Tony Taka’s character designs.


815 1688

Huge billboard on Softmap building promoting Bloodborne back in spring – got that game for my PS4 and it was insanely difficult where my character died so many times in the starting area. Still managed to complete the game without help from online players though! >o</



Had a quick meal in Akihabara for just 550 yen – it’s pretty cheap but the soup tasted pretty salty ><



Can’t remember which bookstore this is – the store was decorated with a battleship to promote all the Kantai Collection goodies.





Castle Collection – a Japanese game similar to Kantai Collection except that this one features girls as castles.


1723 1718 1716

Life-sized anime girls cutouts, loli licking lolipop seems legit.



Exploring the backalley of Akihabara – more shops and hidden gems here.


827 830 831 834 835

These Danboard figures are really cute – I like the one that’s covered in grass with a golf ball on top of it’s head, looks really cute!



Danboard 10400mAh powerbank for your electronics gadgets – apparently they also comes with matcha flavor ones too (!?!)
838 841 845 846 848

Some very delicious-looking devils on display here at Kotobukiya.




Visited Super Potato again to fulfill all my retro gaming needs.
860 855

All the classic NES Megaman games can be found here ~ childhood gaming nostalgia.




852 851 864 866 867 763

Nintendo’s Super Famicom – still my favorite gaming console.
764 856 863 862 873

Even Japanese restaurants have their own anime mascots nowadays.

Discovered a shop that sells nothing but Gashapon!




Luke Skywalker approves of this light saber stamp.
884 885 888 902 908

Trucks with huge advertisements like this one can be seen around Tokyo. I’ve never seen anything like this in other countries – in Malaysia/Singapore we do have buses with advertisements but they usually don’t look as good as these Japanese trucks ><



Grabbed a bowl beef don for cheap at 400 yen & it tasted great. nom nom nom.
909 910 914 1701 1695

A rather small shrine found  at the backalley section of Akihabara.



Life-sized Hatsune Miku at Animate store.
1697 1715 916

And finally here’s Yodobashi Camera during night time. If you want to see more of Akihabara, feel free to check out my Akihabara post from last year here. Will try to post up more photos from my recent trip to Tokyo.

Also feel free to checkout my photos of other parts of Tokyo here:

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