Ginza Street Photography

ginza street photography

Dropped by Ginza for a quick stroll and here are some street photography shots during the day.

Ginza is a shopping district in Tokyo and you can find lots of upscale shops and restaurants here. If you’re visiting Ginza as a tourist, I would recommend you to come here on weekend afternoons as the central streets will be closed to car traffic for pedestrians (similar to Akihabara). Visiting Ginza during the night is great as well, as Ginza will be well-lit with the myriad of neon lights.


ginza train station

You can get to Ginza by train via Marunouchi, Ginza, and Hibiya metro lines. Here you can see that I’m taking the Ginza line (note that yellow-colored stripe on the train).


ginza wako department store

Can’t exactly remember which exit I took – the first notable building I saw here is the Wako department store. This is probably the most iconic building here in Ginza and it’s easily recognizable with that Seiko clock tower. I never went into the building but apparently you buy all sorts of luxury items in there.


ginza kabukiza theater

Also dropped by the Kabukiza Theater. It’s a great place to see some traditional kabuki act – for english-speaking folks, there is an english audio guide that describes the play while you watch.


ginza kabukiza theater

Kabukiza Theater ginza building

The kabukiza ticket prices varies between a few thousands yen to 20,000 yen – depending on the length of the act and seating.


kabuki at ginza

ginza kabuki act

Ladies wearing kimonos being ushered into the theaters.


ginza kabuki entrance

japan postman bicycle

Japanese postman-san on a bicycle. Does the postmen in your neck of the wood deliver stuffs on a bicycle? From where I’m from (Malaysia), I’ve never seen postman on bicycles ^^;


ginza street photography

Random shot of people crossing the traffic lights on the Ginza san-chomei (third street).


Kabukiza Theater at ginza

Hello Kitty x Mizuno Bank collaboration. It’s kinda interesting to see Japanese banks are collaborating with anime characters (Only in Japan I guess?).


ginza Kabukiza Theater

ginza train station street photography

Rabbits and High heels. Speaking of Rabbits, I have yet to watch the Zootopia movie but I do feel that the anthropomorphic characters in that movie are cute – especially Judy Hopps ^^

Trailer for the Zootopia movie:


ginza street photography (25)

The Apple store in Ginza. My last purchase from Apple was a 11’inch Macbook Air – which had a SSD failure after only a mere 3 months of usage and it’s the first Apple product that I owned that malfunctioned within the warranty period (Good thing I have the habit of backing up my important data).


ginza waffle

Samurai clothing in Ginza…for a price tag of 147,000 Yen ><


ginza waffle

These plastic snack food samples look real enough to be nom nom nomable.


ginza Wako Department Store

ginza street photography

Found a nice waffle shop in Ginza with real waffles on display. This store is located near one of the Ginza metro line entrance (forgot which one).


ginza train station exit

Matcha and maple flavored waffles nom nom nom.


ginza waffle

ginza train station exit

ginza street photography (20)

Went for the matcha flavored ones (with red beans). nom nom.


ginza apple store

ginza train station exit

ginza ginza street photography (22)

ginza street photography

Managed to get a nice street shot of Ginza without getting run over by a car ^^;

Obviously there is so much more to explore in Ginza, and I’ve only managed to get just a few photo shots here as I was on a hurry. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some night time photos of Ginza next time.


sony rx100 and sony a7ii

By the way, all of the photos in Ginza are taken with my trusty Sony RX100 Mark II– which produces great photos for a small 1-inch sized sensor. I have been shooting with this camera since year 2013 and it’s good enough for travel/street photography – plus it’s compact enough to fit into my jeans pocket so that I can carry it everywhere I go ^^

My other camera gear includes a Nikon D3300 and a full frame mirrorless Sony A7II – both are even better cameras than the RX100II. I’ll be writing down my thoughts  of these cameras/lens in a separate post soon.

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