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Gundam Breaker for PS Vita Releasing Soon in October, Allows Sharing Data With The PS3 Version

Gundam Breaker Fighter for PS Vita (1)

Gundam Breaker, a Mobile Suit Gundam game where you battle with plastic Gundam models kits (Gunpla), was released for the PS3 about two months ago in June. Namco Bandai has recently updated their website and announced that the PS Vita version will be releasing soon this 31st October. The PS Vita will allow data-sharing with the PS3 version so users can cross-save and cross-play the game on the different platform.

[10/9/2013] Updated post with newest (5th) promo video of the game from Namco Bandai:

Gundam Breaker Fighter for PS Vita (4)

The PS Vita version will be retailing for 6980 YEN while downloading the game off Playstation Network (PSN) will cost you about 6280 Yen. It is reported that there will be a Limited Edition called Gundam Breaker Starter Pack (also releasing in October, price unknown) that includes a few extra goodies like a white-colored PS Vita unit with Gundam Breaker Original Design and an exclusive HGUC 1/144 Gundam & Zaku Gundam Breaker Color Ver.

If you have not heard or seen the game before, then check out the trailer videos:

Other than that, the PS Vita does contains more exclusive features/contents than the PS3 Version:

gundam breaker 30 mission

Compared to PS3 version, there is an additional 30 missions for the PS Vita to increase your  playing time on this game. Of course multiplayer mode is included so you can play with your friends (Need Wi-Fi I think).


new gunpla in ps vita gundam breaker

Not to mention there are MOAR Gunpla kits available in the PS Vita version, which includes the HG 1/144 scale playable units: Destiny Gundam, Dreissen, Turn A Gundam, ZZ Gundam, Gundam X and MG 1/100 scale playable units: Turn A Gundam, Crossbone Gundam Ver. Ka.

ps3 and ps vita data gundam breaker

Perhaps the most important features of this game are the Cross-save and cross-play functions. Cross-play allows you to play the game on the PS Vita & PS3 – both at the same time. With cross-save you can pick up the game where you left off (in PS3) on your PS Vita.

Just imagine if you’re playing the game on the PS3 in your room when your mum told you to go outside and play…Well, just pick up your PS Vita and then continue playing the game at the outside, how convenient is that?  ^^;

cute mascot character gundam breaker

Most important feature of the game- they have a cute mascot character ^^

Will most probably grab myself a copy of this game for the PS Vita and I’ll look forward to the gameplay. I have not been playing much gundam games lately due to heavy load of work ^^;

Source: The official Gundam Breaker Website via

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