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gundam breaker review for ps vita version

I have been playing Gundam Breaker on my PS Vita Slim for the past few days and I’m glad to say that this gundam game is a decent one. The game has been released on both the PS3 and PS Vita but I do have a feeling that this game plays better as a Vita game.

Not sure what non-Gundam fans will think of this game but Gundam anime fans should love the overall theme of the game and its hack-and-slash action.

gundam breaker review Build That Gundam of Your Dreams

Gundam Breaker is centered around collecting & building Gundam models and then piloting them in a Gunpla Battle VR simulator. You can mix & match any pieces with any other pieces. This concept kinda reminds me of another gundam RPG game called “MS Saga: A New Dawn” for the PS2 as well as the gunpla builder anime series.

As soon as you start, you will be given a HG 1/144 GM  to play through the initial tutorial stages where you have to battle with a bunch of HG 1/144 Zaku II. You’ll soon realize that by defeating your enemies in battles, you gain some of the parts from your enemies which allows you mix & match them to build your custom gunpla.

gundam breaker review (4)I find it interesting (and annoying) that certain parts of your gunpla will sometimes be blown off when enemies deal damage to you, forcing you to retrieve your fallen parts or otherwise it will have an adverse effect. For example, if you lose your head parts, you’ll lose the ability to auto-lockon your enemies. Losing your backpack means you can’t use the thrusters to move around quickly and so on.

You can temporarily blow pieces off of your enemies too. I noticed that if these enemies are killed before they reclaim these pieces, the chances of you receive that certain parts will increase. ^^

The game also has fewer enemies in stages compared to the Gundam Musou series. Depending on how you customize your gunpla, sometimes it can be tough to beat even the grunt units. So you need to learn when to block & heal yourself when needed, can’t always rush into group of enemies & expect to dominate the game by just mindlessly smashing buttons (like the Gundam Musou series) ^^;

gundam breaker review (6)Another thing about the gunpla parts is that you’ll discover that two of the exact same part can have different stats due to the “build quality”. There is a gunpla building skill level that affects the build quality of the parts. The more you build, the quicker you will level up your building skill, thus the better gunpla parts you’ll make. This adds a lot of replay value to the game.

Also noticed that if you perform well in any stages, you often unlock a full Gundam model or two. There is also an in-game shop where you can use in-game currency (& real money) to buy model kit & items.

gundam breaker review ps vita

There is No Plot Boy, No Plot!

Initially I thought the game would have some plot to it, but it turns out that Gundam Breaker is more like a game with open-ended setting. It’s basically just you piloting gunpla models, beat up enemies, collecting & building your very own ultimate gunpla.

The Game is All About the Multiplayer and Endless Grinding

Have seen other people giving negative reviews on this game due to the lack of plot. As for me, I think this game is mainly designed with multiplayer in mind so you can play & share the joy of gunpla battles with your friends and I guess it’s one of the reasons why Bandai didn’t bother to include a plot in this game.

Having said that, I still think that any kind of plot would have been useful as the game gets really repetitive with endless grinding. Sure there are tons of stages in this game, but the thing is, there is not much variety to the stage and level objectives. You’ll often find yourself playing in a particular stage (for example, that Gunpla-making table) over and over again but with different objectives.

Not to mention that if you are seeking a particular part, you will most likely find yourself in an endless grind of replaying the same level again and again. Was expecting to have at least a kind of cliché plot in this game, you know something like the “Building your own gunpla & enter tournaments”. It’s better than having no story at all ^^;


gundam breaker review for ps vita version

I have not completed the game yet (Now playing stage No.50) and as you can see I’m having mixed feelings for this game.

Despite the lack of plot & the endless grinding, I still think this is a great game for people who likes Gundam as this game offers you an endless way to build and customize your own gunpla so you can show off and use it to battle with your friends. The game is not so fun if you’re constantly playing this in Single-Player mode as it gets boring very easily ^^;

Was thinking of recording a video to show you how the gameplay was like but it seems like Youtube has tons of them already. If you like Gundam, like multiplayer action games and have a PS3/PS Vita then this is a title you should consider.


If you think that I have miss out a few important things about this game or have anything else to say, then feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks!

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