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Gundam Build Fighters Second Promo Video Streamed

gundam builder figher second promo video featurting Gyan

Have just finish watching the second promotional video for the Gundam Build Fighters television anime series, the animation looks ok and the fight scenes are awesome. I will definitely add this anime series to my watch list ^^

Gundam Build Fighters is an new Gundam anime series which will begin airing starting this October, you can check out my previous post on the annoucement of Gundam Build Fighters.

Gundam Build Fighters 2nd Promo Video Summary:

At the start of the video, our protagonist Sei Iori  receives a strange stone from accomplished Gundam Fighter Reiji. Reiji tells Sei that if he uses the stone, he will come to Sei’s aid no matter when and what the circumstances are.

After that we are introduced with the character Ricardo Ferrini and his green-colored Wing Gundam Fenicce. There’s also Mao Yasaka and her Gundam X Maō with the Satellite Canon. Near the end of the video Sei and Reiji forms a team and engages in a Gunpla battle with Sei’s custom Gunpla, Build Strike.

gundam builder figher pv2

gundam builder figher pv2 2

gundam builder figher pv2 3

The Build Strike flies into a battle…oh wait, that’s the Albion! ^o^/

gundam builder figher pv2 4

gundam builder figher pv2 5

Here comes Prince Charming, Tatsuya Yuki, an accomplished Gunpla Fighter who serves as a rival to our main characters.

gundam builder figher pv2 6

gundam builder figher pv2 7

gundam builder figher pv2 8

gundam builder figher pv2 9

Crimson Comet– So they tried combining Zeon Ace pilots: Char Aznable and Johnny Ridden’s nickname altogether huh?

gundam builder figher pv2 10

gundam builder figher pv2 11

pct_main6 (1)

Wing Gundam Fenicce – piloted by Ricardo Fellini (above), a regular competitor at the Gundam plastic model championship, and the representative for Italy. His other name is “Italy’s Dandy Man.” After arriving in Japan after traveling around the entire world, he has a fateful meeting with Reiji. His hobby is searching for girls to hit on using Gundam plastic models, and he boasts that it has an 80% rate of success. (Info from AnimeNewsNetwork)

ewf pct_main5

Here we have Mao Yasaka – a cute-looking boy which I initially thought he is a girl character ^^;

He has been taught how to create Gundam plastic models since he was young. He appears to be spacey due to his appearance and Kansai dialect, but he in fact has a hot fighting spirit in his heart. He is a good rival of Sei’s and pilots the Gundam X Mao. (Info from AnimeNewsNetwork and

gundam builder figher pv2 13

gundam builder figher pv2 14

gundam builder figher pv2 15

gundam builder figher pv2 16

gundam builder figher pv2 17

Gundam Mega Eye Beam Attack! ^^;

gundam builder figher pv2 18

Oh it’s a Gyan! It’s been a while since we last saw a Gyan in an animation series…since 1979 I guess? ^^;

gundam builder figher second promo video featurting Gyan

Build Strike seems to be a quick and agile MS under the control of Reiji.

gundam builder figher pv2 20



gundam builder figher pv2 21

gundam builder figher pv2 22

For those who are wondering, here is the broadcasting schedule according to the official Gundam-bf  site:

  • TV Tokyo (6:00 PM every Monday evening on October 7th 2013)
  • TV Osaka (6:00 PM every Monday evening on October 7th 2013)
  • TV Aichi (6:00 PM every Monday evening on October 7th 2013)
  • Terebisetouchi (6:00 PM every Monday evening on October 7th 2013)
  • Terebihokkaido (6:00 PM every Monday evening on October 7th 2013)
  • TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting (6:00 PM every Monday evening on October 7th 2013)
  • BS11 (7:00 PM every Sunday evening on October 13, 2013)
  • AT-X (7:00PM every Wednesday evening on October 9, 2013, 10:00 AM every Friday morning on October 11, 2013, 4:00 AM every Monday morning on October 14, 2013)

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