Kyoto Photo Walk 2

I’m having my hands full of work these days but today I managed to organize and upload more photos of my previous visit to Kyoto, a very beautiful city in central Japan. *At the moment I’m struggling to find a balance between work, life and time to post stuffs here – also been developing some chronic back pain lately that make things worse, hopefully I’ll get well soon ^^;

Anyway, you can find the first part of my Kyoto Photo Walk post here. A list of places visited for this post:

  • Tenryu-ji Temple 天龍寺
  • Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
  • Okochi-Sanso Villa 大河内山荘
  • Nonomiya Shrine 野宮神社
  • Kinkaku-ji Temple 金閣寺
  • Gion 祇園


Started my day by heading west to Arashiyama via Kyoto Station. Some road construction works going on at the traffic lights in front of the station.



Took some random shots of people traveling in and out of Kyoto station.


_dsc0131 _dsc0132 _dsc0134

Taking the JR San-In line from Kyoto station to Saga-Arashiyama Station which is only a few stops away.


_dsc0140 _dsc0141 _dsc0152

Taking a stroll from Saga Arashiyama station towards Tenryu-ji temple.



Love the street scenery around this quiet neighborhood.


_dsc0161 _dsc0165

Arriving at the entrance of Tenryu-ji temple – a zen temple with a beautiful garden and pond.


_dsc0170 _dsc0176

Exploring around at the temple grounds.


_dsc0178 _dsc0182 _dsc0189 _dsc0195 _dsc0197 _dsc0201 _dsc0202 _dsc0210 _dsc0222 _dsc0238 _dsc0241 _dsc0255 _dsc0257 _dsc0263

From the temple garden/main hall, go uphill and exit by the north gate and turn left will get you to Arashiyama’s famous Bamboo Grove.


_dsc0264 _dsc0269 _dsc0272 _dsc0275

Taking a nice morning walk through Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.


_dsc0283 _dsc0287 _dsc0288

There is only one main path here in the bamboo grove but I stayed for a while here just to enjoy the scenery.


_dsc0289 _dsc0292 _dsc0294 _dsc0305 _dsc0306 _dsc0310


_dsc0317 _dsc0319 _dsc0327

Also took a quick walk around Arashiyama Park – just turn left at the end of the bamboo grove path and you’ll get to the park.


_dsc0328 _dsc0356

Also took some time to visit Okochi-Sanso Villa – paid the 1000 yen entrance fee but honestly I don’t think it’s worth for a visit. You’ll get to see the gardens here and of course the villa with a cup of hot macha tea.


_dsc0382 _dsc0388 _dsc0391 _dsc0404

Backtracking the bamboo path after the visit to Okochi-Sanso Villa. Notice there are more tourists around here since it’s late morning by that time – I would advise to come here in the early morning if you want take photos of the bamboo grove with less tourists in your photos ^^;


_dsc0407 _dsc0414 _dsc0423

Exiting the bamboo grove and keep heading east will lead you to Nonomiya shrine.



Bamboo dragonflies that balances on your fingertip – do want?


_dsc0428 _dsc0429 _dsc0431 _dsc0433 _dsc0436

This is Nonomiya shrine 野宮神社 – which literally means field palace. A shinto shrine that dates back to  the 7th century.



This shrine is small but quite popular as it is one of the settings in the Tale of Genji” – a classic work of Japanese literature written back in the 11th century.



Notice that unlike other shinto shrine, Nonomiya shrine has a black tori gate (Kuroki No Torii).



Apparently this is a popular shrine for females who come here to pray for love.



_dsc0450 _dsc0452

I was told that rubbing the turtle stone will make your wish come true within the year.



Ema – these are wooden plaques with wishes written on them.


_dsc0454 _dsc0455 _dsc0456 _dsc0466 _dsc0467 _dsc0468 _dsc0469 _dsc0470 _dsc0472 _dsc0474 _dsc0477 _dsc0479 _dsc0482

_dsc0484 _dsc0486 _dsc0487

Old school Medium-format photography going on here. Speaking of photography, all photos posted here are taken with my Sony A7ii with a prime lens: Sony Zeiss 35mm F2.8 – really enjoyed shooting travel/street photography with this incredible combo.


_dsc0490 _dsc0493 _dsc0495

Cute little stone statues :3



Dango with Soya sauce nom nom nom!


_dsc0500 _dsc0505

_dsc0511 _dsc0514

Getting on the Keifuku line train at Arashiyama station. From here you can get to Kitanohakubaicho Station and walk up north to Kinkakuji.



Taking some stealth shots before the train operator steps in ^^;


_dsc0518 _dsc0521 _dsc0522 _dsc0526 _dsc0527 _dsc0528 _dsc0542 _dsc0553

From Kitanohakubaicho Station, walk up north for about 15 minutes and you’ll reach Kinkakuji.


_dsc0554 _dsc0559


Entrance ticket for the golden pavilion – kinda looks like a talisman.



There it is – the golden bling bling pavilion. Such a beauty.


_dsc0607 _dsc0617

Exploring the temple grounds – this place is jam-packed with visitors ><


_dsc0645 _dsc0648 _dsc0650 _dsc0653 _dsc0656 _dsc0658 _dsc0659 _dsc0662 _dsc0670 _dsc0676

Out and around the streets in Kyoto.



Advertisements plastered over the stairs in Japanese subways. Kinda cool to look at.



Hopping onto a train to Gion.



Took some random shots in a random anime/game store. Found some nostalgic video games here.


_dsc0714 _dsc0721

Yakitori restaurant in Gion getting ready for business at late afternoon.



Street landscape at Shijo Dori, which leads to Gion in the west.



A standing-ramen shop – there is no seating area and customers dine at the bar.



Random shots of Japanese beers sold at konbini – tried the lychee flavored ones and tasted kinda weird for me ><



The scenery here at night is much more beautiful – which for some reasons I forgot to take pictures when I passed by here later that night ><



Got to try out a bowl of ramen with garlic and black sesame seasonings. Very nom nom nom.



Walking around Gion, Kyoto’s most famous geisha district – a traditional entertainment district of hostess bars, elite restaurants and geisha houses.


_dsc0791 _dsc0796 _dsc0801 _dsc0806 _dsc0808

Along Hanami-koji street, this is the main street in Gion. The restaurants here are full of atmosphere, which is nice (and also expensive) to dine in.



Be sure to act respectfully if you manage to spot a geisha – there have been many complaints against tourists ><


_dsc0824 _dsc0827 _dsc0830

Was walking by this restaurant and saw this chef at the door. I immediately stopped, turned and took this shot.


_dsc0852 _dsc0859

Saw a Geisha (or Geiko for Kyoto dialect) on her way out from a narrow street in Hanami-koji. Managed to take a shot of her while she’s standing still at the traffic lights just outside of Hanami-koji. Lovely.


_dsc0861 _dsc0866

Gateway leading to Hanami-koji.



It’s getting late so decided to head back to home base – not by taxi though since Japanese taxi fare cost like a bomb ^^;


_dsc0886 _dsc0897 _dsc0905 _dsc0908

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