Kyoto Photo Walk 3

Fushimi Inari Taisha 伏見稲荷大社

Part 3 of my previous trip to Kyoto – mostly taken at Fushimi Inari Taisha (伏見稲荷大社), The Path of Philosophy (哲学の道) and Ginkaku-ji Temple (銀閣寺). This photo post was due to go up back in last November but lots of stuffs happened – I do feel bad as I don’t post as often as I used to ><

Part 1 of my Kyoto photo post lives here while the second post lives here.


Taking random photos at Kyoto station. For some reason I just like taking photos of random people at train station ^^;



Heading off to Fushimi Inari Taisha via JR Nara Line and you’ll reach the temple in 2 stops.



Was talking to a friendly train station staff while waiting for the train. By the way, most photos in this post are shot with my Sony A7ii with the Sony Carl Zeiss 35mm F/2.8 lens. Here you can see the ‘bokeh’ (background blur) looks quite pleasing even though the len’s maximum aperture is only F/2.8. Not to mention that the photo is sharp at max aperture too, combined with the Sony A7ii I can use either face tracking or eye-autofocus to get this shot quickly- love this tiny lens and camera (It’s a great combo for travel/street photography) ^^


_dsc0919 _dsc0921

Arriving at Fushimi-Inari-Taisha. It’s a very popular tourist destination – I find the best time to visit here is the early mornings or the late evenings so you can avoid all the photobombings ><



In front of JR Inari station.



Some random shots at the temple grounds.


_dsc0929 _dsc0936

Statues of stone foxes – the messenger of Inari, you’ll see  a lot of these fox statues around the temple grounds and mountain trails. The keys that some of them hold in their mouths are for the rice granaries as Fushimi Inari was dedicated to the gods of rice and sake back in the old days.


_dsc0940 _dsc0942 _dsc0944 _dsc0945 _dsc0946

There’s much to explore here – expect to spend about 3 hours here if you’re planning to climb up to the top of the mountain ><


_dsc0950 _dsc0951 _dsc0956 _dsc0960 _dsc0966 _dsc0967 _dsc0968

Lots of paper cranes here – there’s a saying that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the Gods.


_dsc0969 _dsc0971 _dsc0973 _dsc0974 _dsc0975 _dsc0977 _dsc0978 _dsc0981 _dsc0983 _dsc0989

These are all Ema (wooden plates) which come in the shape of Tori (shrine gates).


_dsc0991 _dsc0996 _dsc0998 _dsc1001 _dsc1018

The path leading up to the hill – remarkable sight of over 10,000 Tori gates starts here.


_dsc1029 Fushimi Inari Taisha 伏見稲荷大社

Absolutely love this shot – this place is unreal.


_dsc1051 _dsc1058 _dsc1059

And of course there are fox-shaped Ema at Fushimi Inari – dem anime faces XD


_dsc1060 _dsc1064 _dsc1065 _dsc1068 _dsc1069

All of these tori gates are donated and inscribed by businesses and individuals thankful for prosperity brought by the Inari gods.



Just in case if you’re wondering, the inscriptions on the Tori are the names and addresses of the individuals and businesses who donated them.


_dsc1085 _dsc1087

Felt bad for photobombing their photoshoot, I quickly ducked to the side right after this shot ^^;


_dsc1090 _dsc1115 _dsc1121 _dsc1142

As you climb up the mountain trails, you’ll encounter more of these fox statues.


_dsc1144 _dsc1153 _dsc1160 _dsc1165

Up in the mountains here are more smaller shrines and fox altars.


_dsc1174 _dsc1175 _dsc1178 _dsc1180 _dsc1195

Had to take a break by having some Kirin Lemon soda – nom nom nom.



You can get a decent view of Kyoto city once you’re near the top of the mountain. Other than that, there’s really not much to see ^^;


_dsc1202 _dsc1215 _dsc1226 _dsc1239

Finally reached the peak of the mountain…



…and then more smaller shrines ^^;



…and more fox statues.


_dsc1252 _dsc1253 _dsc1256 _dsc1259 _dsc1261 _dsc1266 _dsc1270 _dsc1271

Sandals made out of straws – these were used as offerings for the shrines.


_dsc1272 _dsc1273 _dsc1278

Also forgot to mention that there are little shops like this one along the mountain trails – so you can buy souvenirs and nom nom noms along the hike.


_dsc1279 _dsc1286 _dsc1293 _dsc1294 _dsc1295 _dsc1328 _dsc1330 _dsc1349

Back to the temple grounds at around 10am- the place was crowded with tons of tourists already ><



Took moar random shots before leaving the temple.


_dsc1392 _dsc1395 _dsc1404 _dsc1413

Next stop- heading off to Nanzenji- Temple in Northern Higashiyama.


_dsc1414 _dsc1430

Kyoto Subway’s mascot girl – cute.


_dsc1432 _dsc1434 _dsc1445 _dsc1459

Climbing up the stairs of Sanmon (main gates) at Nanzen-ji to get a better view of the temple grounds- you have to pay a fee for this though ><


_dsc1460 _dsc1473 _dsc1474 _dsc1485 _dsc1492 _dsc1499 _dsc1510

Also took some time to visit Eikan-do Temple.


_dsc1516 _dsc1526

This “suikinkutsu” thingy is a large earthern jar which when you pour water into it, it makes a zen-like musical sound.


_dsc1527 _dsc1548 _dsc1554

Not really sure what these little metal bucket are called but it’s really smoothing to see and hear the sound they produce when the rain water drips thru’em.


_dsc1556 _dsc1559

Onwards to the Path of Philosophy and also Ginkakuji.


_dsc1567 _dsc1569 _dsc1571

The Philosopher’s Path (哲学の道) is a stone path followed by a canal which is lined by hundreds of cherry trees. Too bad the cherry trees aren’t in full bloom when i visited ><



Managed to spend a nice rainy afternoon just strolling along this path, love the scenery around here.


_dsc1588 _dsc1597 _dsc1599 _dsc1606

Lovely tea flowers.


_dsc1617 _dsc1621 _dsc1628 _dsc1631 _dsc1641 _dsc1650

Mujin Hanbai – self serve store/stall. This one selling fruits and flowers.



Wooden carved statue – looks cute.


_dsc1661 _dsc1665

Dropped by at one of the restaurants nearby – beside the condiments is a fortune-telling box.


_dsc1667 _dsc1672

Onward to Ginkaku-ji (Silver Pavilion), yet another well-known Zen temple in Kyoto.


_dsc1677 _dsc1679

Entrance ticket for Ginkaku-ji ^^


_dsc1685 _dsc1686 _dsc1691 _dsc1719 _dsc1746 _dsc1759

Rows of shops just outside of Ginkakuji so you can buy all the souvenirs – somehow I forgot to take more photos of the folks and shops here ^^;



Returning back to Kyoto station – some tourists having fun taking photos with these high-school students.



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