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Just got back home in Malaysia after spending more than a week in London.

It was a very exciting trip for me as it was my first time in London and I really needed to take a few days off my work – by the time I came back from the trip my work ended up piling up high again…^^;


First up is Oxford Circus- one of London’s most popular shopping destinations, though I did not buy anything when I was here ^^;


It was the New Year when I arrived in London so the streets were still beautifully decorated with Christmas stuffs.


Picture taken at Oxford street, it was cold and raining so there wasn’t many people when I was there.


The good ol’ red telephone box found at the streets of London.



My breakfast at the Holiday Inn, English breakfast tastes good ^^


Taking the underground trains to travel around in London.


One has to use these Oyster card which you can top-up with money that enables you to use the transportation system. I wonder why they are naming it as oyster as the word oyster can be used to describe other things…^^;


A random wall advertisement in underground train station. How many of you have got a PS4?


At the Buckingham Palace – with tons of people there to see the changing of guards. I had lots of fun being squashed like sardines ><

20140102_111739 20140102_111757 20140102_111941 20140102_112647 20140102_112042(0) 20140102_120645

Just barely managed to take these photos – had to hold up my camera really high as there were layers of crowds in front of me ^^;

20140102_120635 20140102_113843(0) 20140102_122106

Walking towards St.Jame’s park after seeing the changing of guards.

20140102_122910 20140102_123150 20140106_140529

Had a delicious traditional Fish and Chips meal. It tastes good – have no idea of why people dislike Britain food.


St.Paul’s Cathedral in London.

20140102_145951 20140102_153120

Had a stroll at River Thames with the Tower Bridge. When I was young I always thought this was called the London Bridge ><

20140102_151732 20140102_152440 20140102_151655  20140102_153106 20140102_151441

Buildings along the River Thames. Picture taken on the Tower Bridge.

20140102_160325 20140102_161529 20140103_123342

During my visit to London I also visited Bicester Village, it’s about one hour of bus ride from central London. This is the place if you’re on a hunt for branded goods – the price here is so much cheaper than the stores in everywhere else.

20140103_123353 20140103_150246

A simple sandwich meal at Pret A Manger.


This crepes filled with Nutella Chocolate cost me about 4 pounds – expensive but it was so good!


The Hard Rock Cafe in London.


On the streets of London – forgot the name of the place ^^;

20140104_145637 20140104_143134 20140104_153122


Photo taken at a Souvenir shop in London, I love that mini ^^

gundam gunpla store in london, England

Some Gunpla found at a Anime Toy Store at around Leicester Square.


Walking towards the M&M’s World shop in Leicester Square.


In the M&M World store and here is a painting of England Flags which are made of…


You guessed it – all made of M&Ms ^^

20140104_154052 20140104_154101 20140104_154201 20140104_154548 20140104_154915 20140104_154812

A wall of M&M of different colors.

20140104_154842 20140107_134642

Tried the cheeseburgers of Five Guys – the beef patties were so juicy & delicious. Also like the fact that you can refill the drinks as much as you want to.


At the train station in King’s Cross. Seeing this place reminds me of the scenes from Harry Potter movies.


Me boarding a train to Cambridge as I have a younger brother studying in a college there. Now that I think of it, I have not taken any photos during my stay at Cambridge ^^;


Had  a quick visit to the Big Ben/Elizabeth Tower.

20140106_110940 20140106_110651 20140106_110733 20140106_111858 20140103_202318

Had a Thai-style Fried Rice for lunch. Nom Nom Nom.


Shopping at a local grocery store in London.

20140103_204342 20140103_204545

Found some cookies and foods that I have never seen before in Malaysia or Singapore.

20140103_204718 20140103_204942 20140106_124049

At the huge Westfield Shopping mall – for some reason it was voted as one of the ugliest building in 2009.


Tesla’s Electric Car on display in Westfield, looks awesome and I wish I can afford one ^^;


Me at London Chinatown – located at Gerrard street. You can reach there from are Tottenham Court Road and Piccadilly Circus station. The Chinatown here is packed with a load of shops and Chinese restaurants.


Also found Chatime in London Chinatown – a beverage company from Malaysia that served great bubble milk tea. For some reason I think that their bubble milk tea tastes better than the ones from Taiwan ^^


Encountered some TV crews (probably from China) filming at Chinatown.


Ate some delicious pizzas at Pizza Express. The left one is a bit too spicy for me ><


Taking Malaysia Airline’s Airbus A380 back to home base. Had a few babies sitting right next to me and that 12-hour flight is a nightmare as I couldn’t sleep due to them crying all the time ^^;

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