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Mascot Character Updates


Desmond Chieng mascot character

I always wanted a mascot character for this site and I think it was time to create one. Illustration is done by a fellow Malaysian comic artist, PeaCh, who had a comic booth in AFA Singapore 2012 selling Sword Art Online Doujin. I love his illustrations and decided to work with him. You can check out more of PeaCh’s anime illustrations on Deviantart and Pixiv!

This is only the first draft of a character (with EFSF Uniform) who you will see hanging around the site in the future. So the final version may look a bit different and I am currently working with PeaCh on development.

I dont have a name for her yet and we are also in the progress of  developing a few costumes and poses but if you have any suggestions, please let me know !

Update: 27/1/2013 . New Sketches

More sketches with various clothings: Sailor Uniform, EFSF, Principlity of Zeon and a Bikini! Also worked on the expressions as well ^^

Below: Some expressions that we came up with. She definitely looks cute!

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