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PS Vita Slim (PCH-2000) Review

gundam breaker ps vita slim

Gaming has always been a big part of my life, I have been playing games since 4 year old and I still play a lot of games even when I’m running my own business now.

Some of you may ask how did I find time to play games while running a business. Well, the truth is my business involves developing & publishing mobile apps – that includes mobile games which I have been working on (as a game designer) along with my programmers & graphic designers. Will talk more about it once we completed the game ^^

Being a game designer means that I need to constantly play a large number of games on the market for inspirations, study game designs, analysing & researching trends……OK,enough excuses for me to get a new gaming console and here’s the review ^^;

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The Body & Clicky Buttons

So here’s the new PS Vita PCH-2000 which is 20% thinner, 15% lighter & price is wee bit cheaper compared to the original. Every parts of the new PS Vita Slim is well-connected with no noticeable moving parts. Very-well constructed, no filmsyness.

ps vita slim review buttonsThe buttons in overall are very clicky. The PS button / START button / SELECT button have been changed to a round shape & raise slightly above the surface of the PS Vita. This is nothing ground-breaking but this allows users to push the buttons far more easily.

ps vita slim review (8)On the top on the PS Vita, you’ll still have the same buttons layout – L button, Power button, Slot for Physical game card, volume & R button.

ps vita slim review (9)The new PS Vita system has a rounded & trimmed down body, it has a nice grip to it and enjoy game play more comfortably even at long hours.

At the back of the PS Vita, you still have the usual glossy plastic surface in the middle but at the surrounding side is now a matt finish, so it feels really nice on hands.

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ps vita slim review (7)

Say Goodbye to Sony’s Proprietary Charger, say Hello to Micro USB!

We all know Sony loves its proprietary standards, it makes sense for Sony to do so but every time when you look at the prices of those Sony-exclusive memory card or charger you’ll feel sorry for your wallet ^^;

Well, the good news is that new PS Vita will charge over Micro USB, have tired using the micro USB for my Samsung Galaxy S3 & it works well.

By the way, the battery life has also improved by an hour. Now rated at 4-6 hours instead of 3-5 hours on a single charge. I have tried playing Gravity Rush & other games – the battery lasted for more than 5 hours.

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The Screen – it’s LCD instead of OLED

The Vita’s awesome 5-inch OLED screen has been replaced with a more cheaper LCD panel (thus why the new PS Vita is more cheaper).

Based on my observation, the new LCD looks bright, looks sharp and has a nice color balance. The screen does not look bad on its own but when you compare it with the old OLED display side-by-side, the OLED is no a doubt a winner ^^;

While playing games on this PS Vita, I do notice that the screen has a yellow tint to it and it’s noticeable once you compare it to the original’s screen. Here’s one of the best Vita screen comparison video that I could find on youtube:

I think many would still prefer how our beloved PS Vita games pop on the great old OLED display and I believe it will hold back many from ditching the original vita for this.


That 1 GB of Internal Storage

Many folks got excited when it was announced that the new PS Vita has internal storage built into the hardware. Having at least 1GB of internal storage would not force people to buy a memory card to play small retail games but seriously 1GB is simply not enough.

In addition, if you are thinking of putting a memory card in to further expand the storage space you have, you will be disappointed to find out that you will not be able to use both the internal and external storage simultaneously.

ps vita slim review (12)

ps vita slim review (13)A prompt saying that the internal storage will not be usable when a memory card is inserted appeared. Was disappointed since I was hoping that I would be able to get that 1GB on top of my 32GB memory card (-_-;)

gundam breaker ps vita slimAnd here I’m trying to download the new Gundam Breaker game which has been JUST released for the PS Vita today. Have not played the PS3 version so I much pretty much excited to own this game on my PS Vita, will post up a review of this game later. By the way, it’s taking me more than 7-8 hours to download this game @.@

*I guess by now most of you would know if you want to download & play Japanese PS Vita games, you’ll need to reformat your Vita and register & switch to your Japanese PSN account. If not, here’s a very helpful guide from Kotaku on how to do it. Of course, your other option is import the physical game copy from Japan but I heard you would not be able to purchase & download any DLC for that game.


While this is a cheaper PS Vita, it certainly does not feel cheap as it is well-constructed and feels great in hand. I’ve only have the PS Vita Slim for a while now and after playing it for a few hours, I feel that I’m happy with this new PS Vita which has many hardware improvements over the original – except for the screen ^^;

The Good + Improved Battery Life, Thinner, Lighter, Feels good in hand

The Bad – Redundant 1GB Internal storage, Downgraded Screen

If you’re new to the PS Vita or your buying a PS Vita for the first time, I think the PS Vita PCH-2000 would be a good choice for you. On the other hand, if you prefer better screen quality over the weight/thickness and improved battery life, then I suggest you stick to the original PS Vita PCH-1000.

I guess that’s about it for my PS Vita PCH-2000 review for now, I will probably update this post with more info as I spend more time playing with this gadget. Feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment. Be sure to point out mistakes or any thing that I might have left out which you think is important about this PS Vita. Thanks!

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