Shin Gundam Musou

Glad to say that Shin Gundam Musou turns out to be better game than I expected.

 This game was released back in December last year and I have not played this game until recently – I was too busy with my work & my PS Vita Slim had an analog stick problem so I had to sent it back to Sony Japan for repairs ^^;

Shin Gundam MusouThe graphics are top notch and the controls are WAY better & smoother than the previous Dynasty Warriors Gundam games. I remembered playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 on the Playstation 2 and I hated the sluggish controls ^^;

Shin Gundam Musou (3)

If you’re not familiar with the Gundam musou series then I suggest you check out the official gameplay trailer video here:

Shin Gundam Musou (1)^I’ve just started playing this game so the only Mobile Suits I have is the RX-78-2 Gundam and this Bearrguy ^^;

Shin Gundam Musou (5)^Me playing as Amuro with RX-78-2 in the One-Year-War Battle of Jaburo stage.

The other Gundam game that I’m currently playing is the Gundam Breaker game (which I did a review on it a while ago) and i haven’t completed that game yet. I seem to have a bad habit of picking up new games before finishing the previous games ^^;

Anyway, if you like Gundam & action games then you should consider adding Shin Gundam Musou to your gaming collection :)

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