Yuuna Tsukikawa

Yuuna Tsukikawa Artworks

Yuuna Tsukikawa 4 artworks

It has come to my attention that today (2nd of February) is twin tail day – as officially designated by the government of Japan. So I thought this would be a great timing to post up a few recent artworks of my mascot Yuuna Tsukikawa as she’s a twin-tail ^^

For the past few months I have been busy developing video games and I do find that it’s really been a challenge to run a business while trying to find time to post blog updates. I have been working hard so that Yuuna-chan would be making appearances in several video games later this year – hopefully I’ll be able to show & talk about these video games soon.

Anyway, thank you to those who took the time to draw her. Here are the artworks:

alchemaniac yuuna tsukikawa

Artwork done by Alchemaniac from Indonesia. Saw a few of his artworks via inline and got the chance to meet him in person at Comic Fiesta 2014.



go-it yuuna tsukikawa

Yuuna by freelance artist Go-It from Thailand.


junp yuuna tsukikawa

Artwork done by JunProject from Indonesia.


ein lee yuuna tsukikawa

All of the above artworks are done with reference to Ein Lee‘s artwork with original character design by Peach.



Yuuna Tsukikawa 4 artworks


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