Yuuna Tsukikawa

Yuuna Tsukikawa

Yuuna Tsukikawa 4 artworks


Yuuna Tsukikawa

Introducing Yuuna Tsukikawa, the mascot character for Desmond Chieng’s website.

The kanji of her name is “月川 優娜”. Basically her name means “The Gentle, Graceful Moon River”.

At the moment, she does nothing more than just being the mascot of my site but I do have plans to place her into some video games projects.


Name: Yuuna Tsukikawa [月川 ユウナ] (つきかわ ユウナ)
Birthday: August 3rd

  • Cheerful, optimistic & genuinely caring personality.
  • Although in most cases she is shy and easily frightened, she has no problems with standing up to danger due to her sense of curiosity & adventurous spirit.


She is originally designed & illustrated by PeaCh (Prakash Chitty), you can check out Peach’s Facebook page here and his Deviantart page here.


Also asked PeaCh to draw Yuuna with different types of outfits. The outfits on the left and middle are based on military uniforms in the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series.



ein lee yuuna feature

Other than that, she has also been illustrated by Ein Lee, who is the character designer of web anime series RWBY.



Thanks to Ein Lee who designed the new costume for Yuuna which looks great on her – I like those shoes and skirts ^^


Yuuna Tsukikawa 4 artworks

Yuuna-chan as illustrated by various artists.


alchemaniac yuuna tsukikawa

Artwork done by Alchemaniac from Indonesia.



go-it yuuna tsukikawa

Yuuna by freelance artist Go-It from Thailand.


junp yuuna tsukikawa

Artwork done by JunProject from Indonesia.






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